Individual Coaching

"This isn't working for me."

How many times have you thought or said that? In what way are these situations held in place by an unwillingness or inability to have a difficult conversation with someone? As human beings, we become highly creative when we look for ways to rationalize or justify why we haven’t taken action with what we perceive as a difficult conversation.

Not surprisingly, fear is most often, if not always, at the root of why we assess certain conversations as complex, difficult – or maybe even impossible to have. Over time, our fear is heightened and our avoidance strengthened as we feel a sense of threat – real or imagined – since we know that embarking on such conversations will take us to a space where outcomes are uncertain and relationships could be put at risk.

Individual coaching reveals and respects those circumstances in which we fear speaking will put us and our relationships at risk while, simultaneously, asking this important question:

What would make it possible to have this conversation in a way that will increase the likelihood that both the process and outcome will be productive?

Individual coaching sessions are typically done by phone or by video call. It is very common that individual coaching for a help with a specific conversation may take only 1-2 sessions for a client to formulate a clear plan and enough confidence to move forward which makes this an highly-practical, easily-accessible and cost-effective resource for “just in time” support.