Chris Trani is one of the most masterful communicators I have had the pleasure of knowing personally and collaborating with professionally. She brings extraordinary awareness, skill, compassion, integrity, experience and effectiveness in helping people move forward in their lives and work; especially when navigating difficult and complex conversations. In addition to her ability to facilitate highly-meaningful conversations — even in the most sensitive situations — Chris maintains an unwavering intention and focus that those conversations lead to tangible results. She helps her clients discover the clarity and confidence needed to take appropriate and meaningful action, and experience new and unimagined possibilities. In addition to being a truly dedicated professional she is a deeply wise, kind, and caring human being — a very rare and special combination in this world. It is a joy and honor to work with Chris. I give her my highest recommendation.

I came to Chris while navigating the tough waters of a failing relationship thus feeling frustration, sorrow, guilt, exhaustion and fear.   Chris allowed a safe space for me to share difficult personal reflections and uncertainties and also gain a better understanding of the intricacies of the issues my spouse and I were dealing with. Throughout my work with Chris, I was able to clarify my needs, explore the places where I needed to communicate more effectively and discover tools to move in a progressive manner towards resolution.  The coaching Chris provided will forever empower me to face difficult conversations and to discover possible paths through seemingly impossible situations.