If there were a single person I would want so desperately to describe, and yet feel so inadequately short of words every time, it would be Chris Trani.

I came to Chris in the midst of facing my mother dying of terminal cancer, while simultaneously fumbling through significant life changes, including struggling to navigate an ‘off-and-on’ relationship, as well as coming out as a lesbian to a harshly conservative family and community.  She helped me bring clarity to the difficult conversations going on inside of myself, and more miraculously, the difficult conversations that needed to be had with my dying mother, loved ones, and those around me.

Chris honored my life as a complex whole, while simultaneously helping me free myself from the overwhelming tangles of it all, and guided me to navigate each piece as it’s own. She helped me make my path. . . not just one that was less overwhelming, but one now equipped with tools that allow me to more gracefully explore life, and forever appreciate it as a predictably difficult, but beautiful journey full of endless possibilities.