“It’s time to call Chris.” When I’m stuck in a situation at home or work, that’s my first thought. Chris is masterful at creating a coaching space that simplifies the clutter in my mind and supports me in making a next step. Chris engages as my partner in a way that I feel challenged to face my own stories (and do something about them), yet also safe to be honest and vulnerable. She has my back. That means she calls me on my stuff in a way that I can hear it, and at the same time, I feel loved and supported to bring out my best. Chris is authentically human, deeply connected, passionate about her calling, real. Through our often raw and sometimes even humorous coaching conversations over the years, Chris has been my travel partner through relationships, job changes, personal discovery and even the death of important people in my life. I’m glad she’s here. I’m a better person on the planet because of her.