Chris is a remarkable coach and trainer. Our relationship with her started a few years ago when a colleague recommended her for a coaching assignment we were considering for one of our executives. Her listening and communication skills are what sets Chris apart from others. She has the ability to see to the heart of the matter and ask the right questions to allow the coachee to realize the truth of the situation. This initial coaching arrangement was successful and it led us to engage Chris to develop a course for us called “Leadership . . . The Art of Having Conversations that Matter”, which focuses on the importance of communication as a leadership competency. We’ve now put a few dozen high potential leaders through this course and their feedback is enthusiastically positive. Chris quickly establishes relationships and this enables our leaders to feel safe in her coaching/teaching environment and to be open minded to the techniques being taught. The simple model Chris teaches for having different kinds of conversations has made a huge difference in the abilities of our future leaders. Chris is a trusted partner for our company.